9. april 2024

Banestatus 09.04.24

The greens have survived through the winter very well this year.
We have removed the spring covers this week and I am very happy with the condition.

The tees are also looking much better than last year.

The rest of the course is still extremely wet so there is a slight delay for us to continue with the drainage project on the 4th fairway and the 14th.

We have been working with drainage solutions on the roads and ditches around the course.
And are now starting to repair and solve the drainage issues that we have in the bunkers that hold water under heavy rainfall.

We are cleaning out the drainage pipes and replacing where necessary and installing correctly where needed. New fresh grey sand will be added.

New Security fences are being installed this week
( tee areas 5,6,8, 12,13,15,18 and security for 3rd green to 4th tees. )

As soon  as the course starts to dry out, drainage work will be in full swing and we will try some aeration techniques on the 5th fairway to improve soil drainage and structure. Currently it’s impossible to drive on that area.

Hoping for some nice dry weather in April and a great start to the new season.



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