5. oktober 2023

Banestatus 05.10

As we approach the end of the playing season, grass growth begins to slow down significantly, leading to less frequent mowing. However, our commitment to maintaining the course's presentation remains unwavering. We will continue our efforts, including dew removal, rolling, and leaf blowing, to ensure the course remains tidy and presentable.

The fairways, roughs, and tees will receive regular cutting, typically once a week, or more often when weather and temperature conditions permit. However, when it comes to the greens, a different approach is needed. Instead of further cutting, we prioritize allowing the grass to grow longer at this time of year. This practice is essential for the grass plant's winter survival, as it begins storing energy in its root system. Allowing the grass to grow out promotes better disease resistance and winter hardiness. While this may result in slightly slower greens, our rolling regime will maintain a smooth and true putting surface.

Our ongoing commitment to improving drainage solutions on the golf course remains a top priority. The excavation of drainage ditches has proven reasonably effective, and we will continue working on these areas throughout the autumn season.

The maintenance of our road network is also an ongoing project, with weekly efforts to enhance and upgrade these essential pathways.

We eagerly await favorable weather conditions to carry out aeration on the course. Due to the unpredictable nature of the weather, we may initiate aeration on fairways while the course is still open. Please check our daily info/webpage for updates on when this task is in progress.

As we approach autumn, we're keeping our fingers crossed for cooperative weather, allowing us to enjoy the final weeks of the playing season to the fullest.

Greenkeeper team



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