17. september 2023

Banestatus 15.09

We're thrilled to share the positive progress our course has made in rebounding from the exceptionally wet conditions of the past month.
While we still have some soft and damp areas on the course that require your attention, overall, the course has made a remarkable recovery.
We're looking forward to offering excellent playing conditions this autumn.

Our greenkeeping team has invested significant time in repairing pathways and enhancing drainage in specific areas to minimize the risk of major washouts in the future.
Certain parts of the course will remain as Ground Under Repair (GUR) until the end of the season, notably the area near the 10th fairway and the 12th bunker.

During our temporary closure, we took the opportunity to conduct essential mechanical work on the greens.
This involved deep scarification, overseeding, and multiple top dressings.
These operations are critical for surface drainage, aeration, thatch removal, and rejuvenating the playing surface.
The scars have nearly disappeared, and the greens are now rolling beautifully.

Regrettably, we continue to face challenges with bird damage on several greens.
Our team is diligently working to repair them, but this task is time-consuming, and it's not always possible to repair everything back to normal every day.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to the dedicated volunteers who helped rebuild the bridge on the 11th hole after it was washed away, as well as those who continue to assist with tee and fairway maintenance.
Your support plays a crucial role in maintaining our course.

As the growth rate of the course vegetation gradually slows, any rainfall may result in the course feeling wetter than anticipated.
We kindly request your continued care for the course by replacing divots, repairing pitch marks, and keeping trolleys away from green areas whenever possible.
Please also avoid wet areas to help preserve the course's condition.

We appreciate your understanding, cooperation, and commitment to preserving the beauty and playability of our course.

Thank you,
The Greenkeeping Team



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