2. juni 2023

Banestatus 02.06.23

The irrigation system is mostly repaired now and functioning well enough to cope with the demands of the dry weather we are having.

This week we have renovated the tees.
We have scarified, over seeded and top dressed.
The result of this means that we need to keep off them as much as possible to allow the new seedlings to establish and mature.
This may take a few weeks so in the meantime we will have to play off tee mats on some tees.

Next task on the list is to renovate the foregreens the same as the tees, and then followed by over seeding fairways when we have a machine available.

The course is like a grow in phase of establishment so please continue to take care with areas of  no grass and new seedling areas.
Please continue to observe the GUR areas and walkways and keep off wet areas as much as possible.

When the conditions are right my plan for this season is to aerate these wet areas extensively to improve drainage and growing conditions.
But until then please be careful with trolleys etc.

the Greenkeeper team



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