10. august 2022


Hole 16

Rebuild is in full swing, the green has been brought forward approximately 15m and shifted over to the left side a little. The green will be enlarged to 450m2 and will have two small bunkers on the left side.(picture)

A new road will also be constructed on the right side.



17th tee 44 and 50

With all the turf that was available from the 16th fairway because of the construction, I decided to take the opportunity to re level the tees on 17. (Picture)  we have finished tee 44 and plan to finish tee 50 this week. If we have more available turf and staff resource we will try and finish 53 also.( But I can’t promise that )



Some disease on the greens started a few weeks ago. It attacked the tunnrapp grass which is the lightly colored stalky grass that shows whitish seed heads at this time of year. It’s a grass that we try to out compete  all the time with the more desirable species of creeping bent grass.  I treated it as soon I was able too and for the most part it stopped very quickly. Green 11 and 15 have unfortunately been damaged the most.

The rest of the brown spots on the other greens are under control and new green shoots from creeping bent grass is already starting to grow back through.

I plan to verticut the greens and top dress with sand this week or the beginning of next week to help encourage further new growth and to smooth out the levels from disease scars and daily bird damage.

The speed of the greens will now be maintained the same everyday as best we can from now until the klubbmesterkap.



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