16. mai 2022

Banestatus 16.05

Temperature is warming up now, so now is the time to be more active with the maintenance plan.
Fertilizing of fairways, tees and approaches is planned.
The cutting height of the greens will be lowered a little bit more towards the end of the week.
Drainage work is still in progress on hole 5 and 10.
I am Hoping the 10th will be finished this week, but hole 5 will take longer due to the location.
( we are working there in the mornings, but when the course becomes too busy it’s too dangerous for us to continue, so this task will take a little longer to complete)

Due to the dry conditions now and shallow rooting in springtime, the watering system is on all through the night and some sprinklers might be seen on the fairways in the early morning.

Greens will get an additional watering at 12:00 midday. This is primarily to cool the plant down before the warmest part of the day( same process and reasoning as in the middle of summer) but also because the rooting is so shallow in the springtime and water is less available to the plant.

Hope you don’t get wet when playing 😊

Happy 17th May.



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