15. mars 2022

Banestatus 15.03

Oppdatering fra Gavin

Almost all greens are clear. There is a little ice left on greens Nr 3,6,7 and 11.
Low spots on greens keep filling with water when the frost is coming out of the ground causing stress and damage.
But overall we can be happy with the early spring so far.

We have enough sheets to cover 9 greens and will start that process after the heavy rainfall which is expected on Thursday.
We also have some one time use grow sheets that I plan to cover the low spots on several greens.
This Is to encourage the surviving plants to establish quicker and catch up with the rest of the green.

low spot on 12th green where water has been then freezing over at night time.


close up of the grass that has survived, it’s too early to tell how much will come back


clearing snow off the driving range


10th green covered. This green had the most ice and was also one of the first to be clear of ice and therefore has been exposed to the cold nights the longest.



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