11. juni 2019

US Open @ Pebble Beach this week!


The US Open starts on Thursday at one of golf's most famous venues, Pebble Beach. Personally I can't wait to see how it unfolds for a few reasons :

Viktor Hovland

As you see in the picture above Viktor has the most amazing draw, paired with Koepka and Molinari, two of the hottest players in the game.


He is Norways hottest talent right now and after his awesome showing at the Masters in April we are all hopeful of an exciting result.

Pebble Beach is of course where he famously thrashed the field last year to win the US Amateur so he takes good memories into this week.

Here is a nice article on him from Norsk Golf.


Tiger also returns to the scene of his greatest triumph from 2000, perhaps the greatest year of golf anyone has played. The incredible comeback continues in 2019 and if he contends here this week it will take the tournaments atmosphere to another level and bring millions of extra viewers along for the ride. The big question is has he refocused after the most spell binding win at Augusta? Here is a fantastic article from Golf Digest looking back at his achievement from 2000.



Shooting 61 to win by 7 shots just a few days before the US Open is rather ominous! But he isnt getting carried away. It is so very enjoyable to watch this guy at the top of his game. Lets hope he contends.

Here is a quote from his press conference:

“That's the thing that people don't quite understand with golf at this level,” he said, noting his missed cut at the Memorial the week before he won in Canada. “The margins are just so fine and so small. I never try to get too carried away when I’m playing good, and I never get too carried away when I’m playing badly. Both of those instances are not far away from each other.

“I feel like my consistency this year has been great. I’ve basically been in the top 10 most weeks that I've played. I've been consistent.”

Heres the full story from Golf Digest.


Going for three US Open wins in a row, and right after a dominant performance at the USPGA championship. How many majors can this guy win who always seems so cool under the biggest of pressure situations?


A famous course not just for the tournaments its held but for the spectacular shots it creates. These drone videos capture the essence of the course magnificently!


So, who do you think will win? Let's hear your best guess in the pro shop this week 🙂





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