8. juni 2019

Custom Fitting - Finding the right shaft

For many years it seemed like there wasn't much to decide when choosing shafts for your new clubs.

It used to be simply regular or stiff!

But now custom fitting has taken over the club market. Check out this selection of shafts below (we have a similar number here at Oppegård!)


To help decide whats best we use Trackman 4 to see how your technique and shot patterns change during a custom fit. More distance is always a positive but as teachers we want to see lower scores, so a better strike, more consistency, are definiteley the most vital factors.

The fitting can produce data that helps your decision making with the purchase of new equipment. Instead of just relying on the feel of a club you can conclude that, for example, it spins 1000rpm less or goes 10 meters higher or an average the shots are 20% more accurate.

Just send us your questions below (in Norwegian or English) to Magnus or Malcolm if there was anything custom fit related you wondered about :). Remember custom fitting is free for our members!



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