14. mai 2019


Choosing a putter can be a minefield. With so many styles, sizes and technologies to choose from, it can be difficult to know how to choose the right putter for your stroke. Here at Oppegård we offer two of the most popular brands in history, Scotty Cameron by Titleist and Odyssey by Callaway.

Lets hear from Scotty Cameron, who has over 20 years experience working with tour players.


"The length of the putter dictates where your eyes will be at address. Generally speaking, a golfer’s eyes will be directly over the ball or just inside it. This helps to see where the putter face is aligned more easily."


"It’s important to use a style of putter that matches up with the arc of your stroke. For example, if you’re a feel putter that relies on hand-eye co-ordination to square the putter face on a rounded arc, you need a putter with more toe-hang to compliment this action.

If you like help in keeping the putter face square during your stroke, you will be better suited to a face-balanced putter, which usually come in the form of larger mallet style putters."


"One final thought to take away is that personal preference is also very important. Looking down at the putter, you need to like the shape, finish and sightlines that are visible as well as the weight and feel of the grip. All these factors contribute to how comfortable you feel over the ball. The more comfortable you feel, the more likely you will be to hole the putt."

With that great information in mind here is a gallery of some of our putters in the proshop for 2019......



If you want to speak to Magnus or Malcolm about choosing a better putter for your game just send a message below!

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